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SAP Business One Implementation Methodology

5 key phases to ensure a successful SAP Business One implementation


SAP’s Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) is a proven methodology for an SAP Business One implementation that follows a structured, phased approach, starting with the handover from the sales team to the right before the handover to the support organization.

When it comes to selecting your SAP Business One Partner, you need to choose a certified SAP partner who can manage consulting, implementation, integrations, development, and services, everything in line with your business requirements.


project prepation - sap business implementation methodlogy- consensus international

Project preparation

The project plan is created for the implementation. A kick-off meeting is held with the customer, and the software is delivered.

  • Create Project Plan
  • Conduct kick-off meeting
  • Assess technical infrastructure
  • Install software and licenses
  • Quality check. 
business blueprint - sap business implementation methodlogy- consensus international

Business Blueprint

The focus is on analyzing the customer's business processes and requirements and mapping them to a solution.

  • Schedule requirements workshop
  • Gather business requirements
  • Define data migration requirements
  • Document blueprint configuration
  • Identify and address scope changes.
project realization - sap business implementation methodlogy- consensus international

Project Realization

The heart of the project is where the company is configured to match the business blueprint. Testing also takes place.

  • Initialize and configure the production system per blueprint
  • Migrate data from the legacy system
  • Validate and test business processes
  • Train end users
  • Plan for production support and cutover
  • Manage change to company and user roles
  • Quality check.
final prepation- sap business implementation methodlogy- consensus international

Final Preparation

The focus is on preparing for go-live. The go-live date is set, the users are trained, and the final balances are transferred over.

  • Establish support plan
  • Train end users and administrators
  • Execute cutover and run pilot processes
  • Quality check. 
go love and support - sap business implementation methodlogy- consensus international

Go-live and Support

After go-live, the customer moves into support mode.

  • Monitor and support the live environment
  • Close out all open issues
  • Implement support plan
  • Project closing
  • Quality check.

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