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About this event

As your SAP Business One partner, our goal is to help both your organization and your people. Consensus Annual Customer Day 2022 is made for our SAP Business One community. Attendees can expect plenty of helpful, tangible content they will be able to take home, and put in practice on a daily basis while using the system.

This three-day virtual event features 9 relevant sessions – all in one place and is accessible to everybody at no cost.

Who should attend Consensus Customer events?

This event is valuable to everyone. No matter your industry or line of work, you’ll want to keep up with SAP Business One’s latest innovations to take advantage of your technology investment.

Anyone who wants to build, maintain, and validate its skills in SAP Business One with digital learning to keep ahead of the competition.

Pick your learning path and watch the sessions

Day 1

11.00 a.m -12.00 p.m

SAP and Consensus Updates + What is Coming Next for SAP Business One
Presented by: Idit Saguey, SAP Market Unit Lead- NA Mauricio Castrillon, Consensus VP Sales and Marketing
Join us to discover the trends and innovations that may help you plan and implement your digital journey. Discover recent and planned innovations for SAP Business One and how SAP, Consensus, and our SAP Business One Community are transforming business models, reengineering business processes, and reimagining work.

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12.00 p.m -12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m -12.50 p.m Posting Periods in SAP Business One
Presented by: Maria Andrea Reyes, Consensus Senior Consultant
Create your new 2023 Posting Periods! Learn all about Posting Period Status, configuration, and options. Our consultant will also demonstrate how the process to close Posting Periods works together with some very important tips.
Watch here!
12.50 p.m -1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m-2.00 p.m Your POS system and ERP software working together
Presented by: Jaime Wilchez, Consensus Senior Technical Consultant
Understand the value of having your POS and ERP working together. The good news is that SAP Customer Checkout is optimized to be used with SAP Business One. You have access to the data, anytime and anywhere. Even if your Internet connection goes down, your employees can continue working normally. The invoice data is saved and sent to SAP Business One as soon as the connection is available again. Join this session to see your next POS System in action!
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Day 2

11.00 a.m -12.00 p.m

Discover the Web Client for SAP Business One and the latest enhancements in version 10
Presented by: Idit Saguey, SAP Market Unit Lead- NA
Bringing you the best of all worlds, the Web Client is based on SAP Fiori design principles and encapsulates SAP Business One core processes and business logic.
It reads and writes from and to the same company database you use with SAP Business One, and is available for both MS SQL and SAP HANA versions. Discover a new way to interact with your Company data with great analytics capabilities!

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12.00 p.m -12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m -12.50 p.m

Your eCommerce platform integrated with SAP Business One
Presented by: Richard Calvo, Consensus Lead Technical Consultant
Consensus integrates your SAP Business One with your e-Commerce platform, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, ChannelAdvisor, so you can run better and keep track of everything regardless of the sales channel. Join this session to see how to:
Add multiple online sales channels without losing operational efficiency, Reduce manual entry (save time, reduce errors), Handle increased demand without increasing resources, Increase customer satisfaction with real-time information, Simplify product and price management

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12.50 p.m -1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m -2.00 p.m What is your Learning Style? Discover all and new ways to learn SAP Business One
Presented by: Clara Custodio, Consensus Customer Experience Director
No matter where you are on your SAP Business One Journey, you can always keep on learning more! Become an SAP Business One Savvy, and help yourself and your colleagues find answers, solutions, tips, and shortcuts. This session will show SAP and Consensus sites, repositories, and even how you can influence the future of SAP Business One. Don’t miss SAP Business One’s new scenario simulations and quizzes!
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Day 3

11.00 a.m-12.00 p.m

Forecast and MRP Tools in SAP Business One
Presented by: Josh Henn, Consensus Consultant
Material Requirements Planning does not have to be a complicated process. SAP Business One provides some powerful, easy to use tools helping companies obtain optimal inventory levels, eliminate stock-outs, while planning for upcoming campaigns or anticipated demand. Join us and learn to create a brand new forecast, run a materials requirement plan and much more.

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12.00 p.m-12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m-12.50 p.m Printing checks in SAP Business One
Presented by: Yanina Noboa, Consensus Consultant
Once properly set up, printing checks in SAP Business One is easy.In this session for beginners you will learn the basic steps. We will talk about the different options available as well as the special functions such as printing a batch of Checks for Payment or defining the House Bank Account and various trobleshooting tips for Check printing challenging situations.
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12.50 p.m-1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m-2.00 p.m Tips and Tricks
Presented by: Consensus Team
A user favorite every year! Don’t miss this collection of very short videos showing you new ways to make your work easier!
Watch here!
4.30 p.m-4.45 p.m


Customer Day Giveaway Raffle
Join us live to see the ruffle and be the first to find out who is the winner of a brand new iPad Mini

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Customer Day 2022

Giveaway Winner


Nicole Clark

We would like to thank all those who participated in the Customer Day and in the giveaway.

We hope to see you next year!


Previous Customer Day User Reviews

Learn Something New

"Very comprehensive event, I always learn something new."

Easy To Implement

"Thorough explanation of the program, and useful information of features to implement."

Helpful Tips

"I got helpful tips and it was awesome to get a refreshment on the software!"


Is Consensus Customer Day a free event?

Yes. Consensus Annual Customer Day is a free event for all Consensus customers with an active Support and Maintenance contract.

Do I need to register for each individual session?

Yes, Consensus Customer Day entails a total of 9 different sessions, and you can register to as many of them as you wish, depending on your interest and availability. Unless your device or browser settings specifically block this feature, once you register to the first session, your personal information should auto populate to any registration page you open afterwards, thus making the process quicker for you.

What if I am not available on that date and/or time?

No worries! Please register to the sessions of your interest to automatically receive a recording that you can then watch at a time that suits you best.

Will I be able to ask questions to the panelists?

Yes, Q&A time will be included in our sessions and is a unique opportunity for users to clarify doubts about the subject being discussed. We encourage you to attend the events live to take advantage of the Q&A time!

Can my business or myself be featured on a Customer or User spotlight?

Yes! We have created the Customer and User Spotlights because we want to introduce your Company and your innovative vision to the Consensus Community!

Feel like sharing how you solved issues in creative ways using SAP Business One or simply introducing your uniqueness and value proposition to your peers? As a user, do you have a favorite SAP Business One tip that changed your workdays and could benefit other users?

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us! or call 7862060034