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About This Event


Consensus team would like to thank all our customers for attending the Customer Day 2020. We hope you had fun, learned new things about SAP Business One and we look forward to seeing you next year.

If you couldn’t make it to the event or you would like to revisit any of the sessions of the Customer Day, you can now watch them on-demand.

Some highlights of our Customer Day:

  • Idit Saguey, Product Expert at SAP will take us through the latest features already available in SAP Business One version 10.
  • A review of all Year-end Processes, a refreshment that is just in time!
  • Experience innovations around SAP Business One that have worked for others and could work for you too.
  • Discover SAP Business One functionality you might not be using today: leverage your technology investment!
  • Tips and Tricks: Make your everyday SAP Business One life easier, better!

Pick your learning path and watch the sessions

Day 1

11.00 a.m -12.00 p.m

Consensus Updates + Market trends
Presented by:  Andres Castrillon, President at Consensus and Mauricio Castrillon, VP of Commercial Operations at Consensus.
Join us to learn about latest technology trends and ways for you to realice the full value of your IT investment while helping you keep up with innovations and succeed in a fast-changing market!

Watch here! 
12.00 p.m -12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m -12.50 p.m End of Year Processes in SAP Business One
Presented by: Joshua Henn, Consultant at Consensus: For Finance Users.
A refreshment that is just in time! We understand that Year End Processes can be daunting and will be reviewing them in detail, so you have no doubts. #YouveGotThis!
Watch here!
12.50 p.m -1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m-2.00 p.m

Major Changes in the last Feature Packages (FP) and Enhancements to the Web Client.
Presented by: Idit Saguey, SAP Business One Product Expert at SAP.
Starting from SAP Business One 10.0 release in April 2020, continuous innovation has been delivered via feature packages of SAP Business One 10.0 on a quarterly basis. This feature packages (FP) include new functionalities as well as corrections and legal changes. The SAP Business One Web Client is one of the key functionalities of the latest release of SAP Business One. The new Web Client means you can now access the system through web browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox), from your mobile devices such as laptops or tablets, as opposed to having to rely on third-party web clients. Join this session to learn about new core SAP Business One functionality and the latest Web Client enhancements with Idit Saguey, SAP Business One Product Expert at SAP

Watch here!


Day 2

11.00 a.m -12.00 p.m

Data Transfer Workbench
Presented by: Luana Wickert, Senior Technical Consultant at Consensus
“SAP Business One Data Transfer Workbench (DTW) is a migration tool that enables you to transfer data into SAP Business One. The Data Transfer Workbench works on data from all core business areas, such as financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory. It transfers master data, such as business partners and items, as well as transaction data, including sales orders, invoices, and so on. Join this session to get an overview and learn how to get started using this wizard!”

Watch here! 
12.00 p.m -12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m -12.50 p.m 1099 and 1096 Reports in SAP Business One
Presented by Clara Custodio, CX and Communications at Consensus.
Join this session to learn about 1099 Management in SAP Business One as well as the new IRS requirements introduced in 2020 and 2021 like the 1099-NEC Form, the 1099-MISC Box Renumbering and the new 1096 Cover Sheet Checkbox.
Watch here!
12.50 p.m -1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m -2.00 p.m SAP Business One MRP Capabilities
Presented by Greg Roop, Consulting Director at Consensus and Luis Enrique Uribe, Senior Consultant at Consensus.
Join our Manufacturing experts to get an overview of SAP Business One Production Module. If your Company is wanting to have a perpetual inventory and are presently producing sub assemblies and/or finished goods you could benefit by using this module. See how manufacturers needing to control serial/batch/lot integrity and traceability use it and realize other additional benefits like complete visibility of resources under/over capacity or work in process.
Watch here!


Day 3

11.00 a.m-12.00 p.m

User Administration in SAP Business One
Presented by Richard Calvo, Lead Technical Officer at Consensus. For Admin users.
This session is for super users and administrators of SAP Business One who are responsible for new user set-up in the system.

Watch here! 
12.00 p.m-12.15 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
12.15 p.m-12.50 p.m

Training Resources +  NEW Beginners e-learning Portal
Presented by Clara Custodio, CX and Communications at Consensus.
Consensus wants to make it as easy as possible for you to enrich your staff with the knowledge it needs to run daily business processes more effectively. Maintenance and support services provide you with access to the tools, knowledge, and content you need to operate and optimize your software. Join this session to understand the resources that are available to empower your team to perform their skills with the highest efficiency and effectiveness. We will introduce our brand-new SAP Business One Training Portal for Beginners, a tool at your service that will help you onboard new employees and get them comfortable with SAP Business One.

Watch here!
12.50 p.m-1.05 p.m Break 🌭🥛📱
1.05 p.m-2.00 p.m SAP Business One Tips and Tricks
Presented by Marisa Molina, Consulting Director at Consensus.
Year after year, a user’s favorite! Join this session to discover ways to make your SAP Business One life easier with shortcuts and little known functionalities that will make your day!.
Watch here!


Customer Day 2021

Giveaway Winner


Ton Cheng


We would like to thank all those who participated in the Customer Day and in the giveaway.

We hope to see you next year!


Previous Customer Day User Reviews

Learn Something New

"Very comprehensive event, I always learn something new."

Easy To Implement

"Thorough explanation of the program, and useful information of features to implement."

Helpful Tips

"I got helpful tips and it was awesome to get a refreshment on the software!"


Is Consensus Customer Day a free event?

Yes. Consensus Annual Customer Day is a free event for all Consensus customers with an active Support and Maintenance contract.

Do I need to register for each individual session?

Yes, Consensus Customer Day entails a total of 9 different sessions, and you can register to as many of them as you wish, depending on your interest and availability. Unless your device or browser settings specifically block this feature, once you register to the first session, your personal information should auto populate to any registration page you open afterwards, thus making the process quicker for you.

What if I am not available on that date and/or time?

No worries! Please register to the sessions of your interest to automatically receive a recording that you can then watch at a time that suits you best.

Will I be able to ask questions to the panelists?

Yes, Q&A time will be included in our sessions and is a unique opportunity for users to clarify doubts about the subject being discussed. We encourage you to attend the events live to take advantage of the Q&A time!

Can my business or myself be featured on a Customer or User spotlight?

Yes! We have created the Customer and User Spotlights because we want to introduce your Company and your innovative vision to the Consensus Community!

Feel like sharing how you solved issues in creative ways using SAP Business One or simply introducing your uniqueness and value proposition to your peers? As a user, do you have a favorite SAP Business One tip that changed your workdays and could benefit other users?

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us! or call 7862060034