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This is not the lengthy implementation from scratch that you have in mind. 

If reducing the budget allocated to maintaining your MACOLA™ system running and providing your company with a robust and scalable platform is part of your short-term strategy, then it is time to move from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One, ERP for small to medium-sized businesses that fit your budget.

The reasons that indicate it’s time for an organization to upgrade its ERP system may vary. MACOLA™ customers are experiencing growth that the system does not longer support. Also, may now be seeing huge weaknesses in their current business software and technology and are concerned about the future of this ERP.

Every ERP customer wants to know their vendor’s roadmap, and MACOLA™ users are no exception. The reality is that MACOLA™ is no longer being invested in. There is no plan that dictates how the software will evolve and hopefully support your business in the long term, and if there is no plan, there is no future.

These realizations drive many MACOLA™ customers to consider upgrading to what’s hailed as the “best in the market”, SAP Business One, the ERP designed for small to medium-sized businesses for today and tomorrow.

This is not the lengthy implementation from scratch that you have in mind!

We have developed a custom-made Data Extraction Toolkit

With a team that deeply understands the details and intricacies of both MACOLA™ and SAP Business One, Consensus International has crafted a plan that feels like a “trade-in” of your MACOLA™ Licenses and streamlines the upgrade process to SAP Business One. This is not a lengthy implementation that needs to be started from scratch!

How do we do it?  Whether you are running Exact Macola 10 or Progression, we have developed a custom-made Data Extraction Toolkit to move and transfer key data from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One. Templated Implementation Blueprints and easy-to-consume enablement tools accelerate training and education to round out the implementation of SAP Business One.

As a MACOLA™ user, you will benefit from our deep experience with MACOLA™ and SAP Business One.

Consensus International is here to ensure your move to SAP Business One is accurate, on time, on budget, and low on drama.

We speak MACOLA™. We speak SAP Business One!

For those companies who are currently running MACOLA™ and considering alternatives to replace it, the good news is, our team at Consensus International have decades of MACOLA™ and SAP Business One experience.

Read the Top 6 reasons MACOLA™ companies often choose Consensus International as their trusted SAP Business One partner

we speak macola - consensus international

We speak MACOLA™!

Consensus International leadership team is made up of ex- MACOLA™ technical staff and consultants.
macola implementation experience - consensus international

We have implemented MACOLA™ 800+

Over the past 20 years and supported hundreds of MACOLA™ customers around the globe
We know the system inside and out - consensus international

We know the system inside and out

We know the capabilities and limitations of MACOLA™ software, inside and out.

ex macola business partners - consensus international

Ex MACOLA™ business partner

Consensus International was a MACOLA™ business partner for over 10 years and was instrumental in building the localizations and translations for MACOLA™ in Latin America. 
data extraction toolkit - consensus international

Data Extraction Toolkit

We have developed a custom-made Data Extraction Toolkit to move and transfer key data from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One. This is not a lengthy implementation that needs to be started from scratch!
we speak sap business one- consensus international

We speak SAP Business One

During our 33+ years in business, we have established an impeccable track-record of SAP Business One implementations and have been awarded numerous times for our performance and innovation.

Discover how Norwest Manufacturing, distributors, and manufacturers of agricultural equipment transitioned from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One without disrupting customer service.


Simplified & Cost-Effective Migration Program

AIM Accelerated Implementation Methodology. Templated Blueprints

Toolkit to facilitate Data Movement

60-Month TCO Lease

SAP Business One ERP – The Next Step After MACOLA™


SAP Business One is the ERP for SMEs that you will never outgrow.

SAP Business One is a business management solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses with the capabilities to manage every department from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management to operations and human resources – all in one single system and at an affordable price.

SAP Business One makes growth simple, helps you to streamline processes, and captures all your critical business information so you can act fast and make more strategic decisions based on real-time data. Over 80,000 customers rely on SAP Business One to support and manage every aspect of their businesses and keep their customers satisfied.

  • SAP Business One is easy to use: employees can start using it from day one
  • Quick and easy to set up: It can be implemented in around 12 weeks
  • Quick and easy to optimize: as your business grows, it can be customized and extended to meet your evolving needs
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud – the choice is yours: you can access SAP Business One at any time, anywhere, via any mobile device
  • SAP Business One has a clear road map of continuous innovation that may help you plan and implement your digital journey.

Here are 11 (of many) amazing features that MACOLA™ users LOVE about SAP Business One:

  1. Modern Architecture – In-Memory Computing
  2. Value – Low TCO
  3. Continuous Improvement, Innovation, and Advancement
  4. Alerts and Approvals
  5. Query Generator
  6. Relationship Maps
  7. Formatted Search
  8. SDK, FS – compatibility with future versions, customizations that don’t affect the logic
  9. Simple month-end and year-end processes
  10. SSPs – The Add On world, availability of additional solutions

Here is one more: Running WiSys? Good news! WiSys integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One, so there is no need to change your WMS when upgrading to SAP Business One.

Read further details in our blog article: Top 11 aspects that MACOLA™ users absolutely adore about SAP Business One.  

See SAP Business One in action


We have created a video playlist for MACOLA™ companies  with SAP Business One demos to highlight some of the advantages of this software. Here are only 3 (of many) SAP Business One demos:

SAP Business One For Macola Users: Reporting, Alerts, and Approvals
MRP, Advanced Forecasting Tools, and Production in SAP Business One
Year-End Closing Process in SAP Business One

You’re Ready to Move from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One

What’s the next step?

There is life after MACOLA™.  At Consensus International, we can provide the perfect direction and next steps for the shortest implementation period and the smoothest transition. Run your business at its best: empower your people and processes with SAP Business One, ERP for small to medium-sized businesses like yours.


Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains, and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

If you are looking for MACOLA’s alternatives and need a trusted SAP partner to help you with your ERP evaluation process, contact us.




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