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SAP Business One Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Solve your specific life sciences needs, control processes, and ensure compliance at every level of the business.


SAP Business One is an ERP solution for small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies that can support your life science business in any of the following stages:

  • Research & Development
  • Pre-clinical Research
  • Clinical Research
  • FDA Drug Review
  • Commercialization or Post-Market Drug Safety Monitoring.

Pharma One with SAP Business One can help manage the increasingly complex challenges pharmaceutical companies are facing, such as healthcare reforms, extensive regulatory requirements, global competition, unpredictable trends, and complex financial requirements. 

SAP Business One and Consensus International provides Amici Pharmaceuticals with the right dose of scalability

Discover how Amici Pharmaceuticals implemented SAP Business One to increase sales, strengthen partnerships, and develop new business opportunities. This provider of generic pharmaceutical products now has a fully scalable ERP solution that has improved overall efficiency and enhanced manufacturing reliability.

SAP Business One for Pharma: Top Benefits and Industry-Specific Capabilities

Chargebacks and Rebates

Managing and calculating chargebacks and rebates can be complex, difficult, and expensive. SAP Business One for Pharma, we can help you automate this process. 

Recipe and Formula Management

With SAP Business for Pharma, you can create and maintain complex recipes, formulas or bills of materials. 

Lot and Batch Number Tracking

SAP Business One with Pharma One supports statutory requirements for bi-directional Batch/Lot traceability and supports the need for managing product recalls.

Advanced Inventory Management

Set up your inventory on a ‘first expiration, first out’ rule to reduce non-compliance risks and inventory obsolescence.

Medical Representative Management

Pharma One with SAP Business One manages contact information with Pharmacies and Doctors’ Offices as well as providing the ability to report the items and quantities they have ordered, prescribed, or received as samples.


SAP Business One for Pharma provides planned to actual by individual customer forecast. 

Our Pharmaceutical Clients Experience


"Consensus and SAP Business One gave us the tools to be more reliable manufacturers to our customers. In our ERP search, SAP Business One checked off all the boxes for us due to its out-of-the-box power, its scalability, and its flexibility to customize."

amici pharma logo
Corey Greco, VP Sales and Marketing, AMICI Pharmaceuticals

"It made us more efficient and productive. And it gave us a better insight into how our own structure is working."



amici pharma logo
Sandy Greco, Founder and CEO, AMICI Pharmaceuticals

"Implementing SAP Business One enables us to grow along with our customers' growth, and helps us make better-informed decisions."



amici pharma logo
Mary Quinn, Director of Finance, AMICI Pharmaceuticals
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Your Industry challenges

  • Complex regulatory compliance requirements
  • Elaborated Supply Chains involving controlled substances
  • Rapid Inventory turns due to potency degradation and batch/lot expiration dates
  • Advanced Financial capabilities needed to manage chargebacks, rebates, returns, and profitability
Download our e-book and learn how Pharma One with SAP Business One can help you manage this and other complex challenges you might be facing today in your Pharmaceutical Business.

Your SAP Business One Investment

ROI and Payback time estimates are based on the experience of customers that implemented SAP Business One with Consensus International throughout our 30+ years of history and on conservative outside-in benefits due to moving from disparate systems, manual processes, or a legacy system to SAP Business One.

As each company is at a different level of maturity, we recommend working with you to determine the value proposition for your business.

Return on Investment

Typically our customers get a return of investment on their SAP Business One implementation of 50% to 90%, sometimes higher.

Payback time: 9 MONTHS

Our customers experience a typical payback time of 9 months.

Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

If you are evaluating SAP Business One ERP for your pharma business, simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.


The best way to start your Company´s Innovation Journey is by getting a quick ERP consultation with one of our experts. Have a short, no-pressure discussion to see if SAP Business One could help you simplify your Business Management.

We'll discuss:

What business software are you currently using (if any)?
What are your main challenges today?
Could SAP Business One help?


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Modules in SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP solution designed for small to midsized businesses with the capabilities to manage your entire business.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP solution designed for small to midsized businesses with the capabilities to manage your entire business.