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SAP Business One for Wholesale Distribution

Improve everything from demand planning to inventory, warehouse, supply chain management, finance, and more.


ERP Software for your Distribution Business

SAP Business One ERP Software is well suited to small and medium-sized distribution businesses looking for an affordable ERP that helps them improve everything from demand planning to inventory, warehouse, supply chain management, finance, and more while having streamlined processes for more productivity and more revenue.

Thousands of distribution companies around the world run SAP Business One. This ERP, available both Cloud or On-Premise, streamlines barcode scanning, traceability, returns, multiple warehouses, and bin locations, lot and batch tracking, availability to promise, and more. 

Unlock the full potential of your business with SAP Business One Distribution Software

  • Get full visibility into your business, including accounts, inventory, sales order processing, invoicing, and deliveries
  • Streamline supply chain processes and build and manage supplier network
  • Increase profitability with smarter, more efficient chargeback management
  • Improve the overall customer experience with multi-channel ordering and fast order processing
  • Create fast, accurate reports on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item locations, and more.

Are you managing your inventory and warehouse as effectively as possible? It’s OK if you’re not. Read our blog article: Inventory Management: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself. 

SAP Business One addresses specific industry needs for wholesale distribution companies

opportunity to cash - sap business one for distribition - consensus international,

Opportunity to cash: manage customer orders, optimize inventory, automate pricing, and streamline billing.

  • Marketing with speed and agility
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Collaborative sales force automation
  • Collaborative quote to cash
  • Selling through contact centers
  • Transparent service process and operations.
procure to pay - sap business one for distribition - consensus international,

Procure to pay: manage supplier relationships with strategic sourcing, collaboration, and agreement monitoring.

  • Strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Direct procurement
  • Self-service procurement
  • Services Procurement
  • Contingent workforce management.
supply chain planning - sap business one for distribition - consensus international,

Supply chain planning and execution: manage logistics, inventory, and compliance with stock available at the right place and time.

  • Demand planning
  • Sales, inventory, and operations planning
  • Transportation management
  • Warehouse management
  • Response and supply management.
profitability optimization - sap business one for distribition - consensus international,

Profitability optimization: achieve excellence in cost recovery, procurement, and customer stratification.

  • Customer insight and segmentation
  • Procurement insight Logistics network
  • Cost recovery and rebates.
contact us banner - what is sap business one - consensus international

Efficiency and accuracy for Medical Technologies Innovators in a very regulated Industry with SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP – Solution value for Wholesale Distribution Companies

Industry Value Map for Wholesale Distribution Companies


To ensure your growth is managed and sustainable, you need to move beyond spreadsheets and standalone accounting software.

Regardless of the size of your wholesale operation, you need extraordinary visibility over your inventory and relationships with manufacturers, purchasers, and even other distributors.

At Consensus International, we have implemented SAP Business One ERP for several wholesale distribution businesses in the US, helping them transform their operations and discover new levels of productivity and efficiency.

"The future for Codinter using SAP Business One has no limitations. We can now grow as a company, grow as a team"

Claudia Pabon, Finance and Aministration Manager


"After we implemented SAP Business One we’ve been consistently growing 20 to 30% per year"

Santiago Manzur, Partner and COO


Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains, and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.

If you are evaluating SAP Business One ERP for your business, simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.

The best way to start your Company´s Innovation Journey is by getting a quick ERP consultation with one of our experts. Have a short, no-pressure discussion to see if SAP Business One could help you simplify your Business Management.

We´ll discuss:

What business software are you currently using (if any)?
What are your main challenges today?
Could SAP Business One help?


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