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SAP Business One Software for International Trade

Meet the demands of International Trade with SAP Business One. Manage everything from multi-languages and currency to country localizations and laws


ERP Software for Small and Midsized International Trade Businesses


SAP Business One Software for International Trade is an affordable, integrated ERP system to manage everything from multi-languages and currencies to country localizations and laws. With SAP Business One ERP, you can have complete visibility of the ordering, shipping, and receiving processes with the confidence that import and export requirements will be met.

Used by thousands of businesses worldwide, SAP Business One is well known for its flexibility and functionality. It can be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise.

SAP Business One software for International Trade will help you:

  • Get full visibility into your business, including accounts, inventory, sales order processing, invoicing, and deliveries
  • Streamline supply chain processes and build and manage supplier network
  • Increase profitability with smarter, more efficient chargeback management
  • Improve the overall customer experience with multi-channel ordering and fast order processing
  • Create fast, accurate reports on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item locations and more.

SAP Business One features

Support landed costs, different currencies, and multiple languages to simplify the way your business does international trade. With SAP Business One you can manage your inventory and warehouses as well as keep control of your transferred goods and shipments to different locations.

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Supply chain and supplier management
  • Chargeback management
  • Ordering and order processing
  • Reporting
  • Multi-Currency management
  • International documentation management.

Andes Global Trading enjoys 30% year on year growth thanks to SAP Business One

More about SAP Business One


Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, SAP Business One makes growth simple and helps you capture all your critical business information so you can act fast and make more strategic decisions based on real-time data.

  • SAP Business One is easy to use: employees can start using it from day one
  • Quick and easy to set up: It can be implemented in around 12 weeks
  • Quick and easy to optimize as your business grows, it can be customized and extended to meet your evolving needs

Available on-premise or in the cloud – the choice is yours: you can access SAP Business One at any time, anywhere, via any mobile device.

Consensus International is an SAP Gold Partner that sells, implements, trains and supports its customers on SAP Business One from its offices in Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

If you are evaluating SAP Business One ERP for your International Trade business, simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.


The best way to start your Company´s Innovation Journey is by getting a quick ERP consultation with one of our experts. Have a short, no-pressure discussion to see if SAP Business One could help you simplify your Business Management.

We'll discuss:

What business software are you currently using (if any)?
What are your main challenges today?
Could SAP Business One help?


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