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SAP POS for small businesses

Point-of-sale (POS) that can be integrated with your SAP Business One ERP


Point of sales (POS) is not longer used simply to make straightforward payments

Learn what is SAP Customer Checkout POS and what can do for your Retail business


SAP Customer Checkout is a flexible point-of-sale (POS) Solution for Retail, Entertainment, and Food and Beverage businesses that covers all common POS requirements and is out of the box integrated with SAP Business One ERP. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


SAP Customer Checkout helps you with:

  • Merchandise sales and returns
  • Cashing up and daily accounts
  • Discount and voucher management
  • Payment with cash, cards, and vouchers
  • Integration of customer orders (down payments, invoices)
  • Loyalty management.

It provides your sales staff with all the information they need. Customers can pay in cash, with standard debit and credit cards, or gift cards – either at stationary cash registers or via staff members’ hand-held tablet PCs.


What functionalities does SAP Customer Checkout POS for Retail cover?


Checkout process: from article selection to discounts and tax deductions, benefit from a fast sales process. Deployed on a normal PC, or tablet, SAP Customer Checkout works online and offline.

Article management: make ramp-up and operation easy since article management is 100% integrated with the SAP Business One ERP for Retail

Reporting: find out with just a few clicks how much revenue you did per shop or per product in real-time. Get all the sales reports you need to analyze the data on the same day

Customer and loyalty Management: manage your customer profiles so you have transparency into whom you are dealing with. Start loyalty programs to handle coupons and vouchers.

Payment: support various payment options such as cash and card payments, gift cards and vouchers, and transactions and invoicing.

Food and beverage: benefit from the optimized sales screen with quick selection buttons to expedite the process at the point of sale.

Table Management: use SAP Customer Checkout as a standalone or with an SAP ERP system to manage your tables in hospitality.

Integration to SAP solutions: integrate SAP Customer Checkout POS with SAP Business One.

Success Story: Movistar Arena and SAP Customer Checkout POS

SAP Customer Checkout Key benefits

POS deployed on-premise or on cloud


Over 500 retail companies in 46 countries realize these benefits from SAP Customer Checkout POS solution:

  • Manage POS operations centrally for multiple locations and gain real-time insights into sales and financial data
  • Save time and prevent manual errors through a seamless end-to-end integration into your ERP system
  • Gain insights on customer purchase history and offer personalized sales
  • Benefit from minimal implementation and operating costs
  • Multi- and omnichannel retailing
  • Flexible extension and adaptation

Top 5 Reasons Why SAP Customer Checkout is the right POS Software for your business

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